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Tax Services

You’ve been paying taxes all year long and are now attempting to prepare your income tax return. However, tax laws can be complicated and filing a return can be confusing, if not overwhelming. Although do-it-yourself software programs are more available, they can easily overlook a deductible. Avoid the stress and risk of inaccuracies by using a professional tax preparer. Western Shamrock’s tax services ensure that your tax filing is accurate and that you receive the largest refund possible.

Why Trust a Professional?

As a working U.S. citizen, paying taxes on your annual income is unavoidable. Depending on your income level, age, and marital status, you may be required by law to file a federal tax return. If you’re not well versed in tax preparation this can be overwhelming. Attempting to file your taxes on your own can result in errors or missed deductions. Income tax filing is a situation in which it is best to “leave it to the professionals.” They are well-versed in tax laws and will be able to identify deductibles that you may not have been aware of and can properly file you based on your personal information. Utilizing a professional tax service such as Western Shamrock will ensure that your taxes are completed accurately.

Our Tax Services

Western Shamrock is open year-round for your income tax needs. We offer tax loans up to $5000 for eligible customers, $25 off all tax returns filed through February 28th, 2019, and discounted returns for dependents. Checks can be printed as quickly as within 6-15 days and are faster than waiting for a mailed IRS check. For customers who schedule your appointments in advance, we can do most of the work ahead of the appointment and save valuable time during tax season.

Western Shamrock believes in strong customer service, which is why all of our services include in-branch service. Contact us today for your tax needs or to inquire about the many other services that we offer.



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